Team Renker Works


Sarah Renker

Dipl. Social manager, adult educator SVEB 1, English teacher Cambridge (Proficiency and CELTA), digital marketing professional (DMI)

My first education was to be a kindergarten teacher and years later I completed the training to become a social manager.

In 2019, with more than 40 years old, I was able to complete the Digital Marketing Professional course (from the Digital Marketing Institute). 

I am a wife and mother of twin girls, born in 2015. As I was a stay at home mom I started to feel useless, overwhelmed and not challenged at the same time. I took my problem to YouTube and found other mothers like me. One of them was creating her own business. In order to do that, whe got up every morning at 4am and worked her business. That stroke a chord in me. I learned to get up 1 hour earlier every 30 days. It took me 3 months and I was ready to get up at 4am. I started to learn skills online, took a class and learned very motivated what it would take to create a business as a virtual assistant.

And soon I had my first paying customer that I still have to this day.

I expanded my business and started to do marketing. And I fell totally in love with the creativity and communication aspect of marketing. So I changed my offer and grew my team. The online marketing agency was born: Renker Works.  

What I love about online marketing is the mix of design, communication and customer contact. I can be creative and work with people, a dream-job for me. I'm fascinated about the uniqueness and ingenuity of every customer. I'm loving it!

I consider it a great privilege that today, as a woman at 40+, you can start and grow your own business. That wasn't possible one generation prior.

Sarah Renker


Tabea Liebi

Primary school teacher

After many years of working as a teacher, I have reduced my hours in order to broaden my field of vision to the world of work outside of the classroom.

In the period of reorientation that followed, I benefited from all of my experience as a teacher. Since then, I have been contributing my planning skills and my joy in thinking and asking the “right” questions in a wide variety of projects and core teams. I live out my creativity in the organization of events, where my structured thinking is used again and again. I have been bringing my experience and strengths to Renker Works since 2019. My areas of expertise include creative developments, design, the implementation of storylines and advertising products (flyers, landing pages, websites) and support in the back office.

Tabea Liebi


Danielle Rast

I am a licensed 3rd mate from the United States. I graduated from SUNY Maritime with a bachelor of science. My love for competitive sailing led me to my husband who took me to the foreign land of Switzerland.  Since here we created different platforms for our sailing that required the use of social media marketing to drive users to watch, listen and follow. We focused on trying to get the best content for our audience. We know there is only so much time you want to spend on your feeds, so the key is to ‘keep it simple.’ Since 2015 I became a devoted and loving mother of two wonderful humans, both push me to be a better and more thoughtful person.

I am so grateful to be part of the Renker Works Team to help small business’ grow their public profile and share what they have with locals and beyond. 

Dani Rast